We are dedicated to providing a family-friendly environment for dance education while building character and confidence to last a lifetime.

About Us

Vera and Huel Murphy formed Dale Serrano Dance Studios in 1954. It was created to teach children how to reach their full potential through hard work and discipline. Now, on its 3rd generation, Dale Serrano Jr. continues to strive for excellence in dance instruction while holding to his conservative values through dress, costuming, music and Choreography. Our teachers are taught how to impart the love of dance while encouraging each student to reach his or her full potential. We push our students to be their very best while building self-esteem that will last a lifetime. We offer dance classes for children ages 3 years old and up. We teach various styles including Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Musical Theater. Although we no longer compete in dance competitions, we still offer top performance opportunities for our students. Through our performance teams our students are taught how to use their talents to glorify God while giving back to the communities of Alabama.

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Our Babies

This is a 45 minutes combination class for our 1st and 2nd year students. Each student will get an introduction to the styles of Ballet and Tap. It is geared to teach the basics of dance with lots of singing and fun! Your child will leave with the love of dance in their hearts!

Our Intermediate

These are 1 hour classes that will concentrate on the styles of Ballet, Tap and Jazz Technique. This class is geared to introducing each student to the basic styles of dance. It will also introduce them to the fundamentals that can lead them to becoming a well-rounded dancer.


These are 1 hour combo classes that are more advanced. These classes are primarily Jazz and Tap. These classes are geared to prepare each student for our team classes. We highly recommend that our students take a ballet only class In addition to their class.


These are 1½ hour classes. Theses are geared for the more advanced and more serious students. These classes concentrate primarily in the styles of Jazz, Tap and Contemporary Jazz. Ballet classes are not mandatory, but “Highly” recommended for this level. These classes are geared to take our dancers to the next level and to prepare them for our next levels, school teams and beyond.

Ballet and Pointe

These classes are geared to enhance each dancers fundamentals in classical ballet technique. Each ballet class will emphasize proper placement, alignment, balance, grace and elegance while increasing strength and flexibility. Dancers who take these classes will become more technically sound and be better equipped for all other styles of dance. Ballet is the foundation for all styles of dance!

Performance Teams

These classes are a performance-based class. This class will concentrate on the art of performing. Each student will learn a series of routines and perform them through out the year. Each student will perform at benefits, college half time shows, nursing homes, etc. This is not a technique class! Some other class is required to be taken to be a part of the Performance Team.

Musical Theater

This is a 1 hour class that will feature acting and singing. This class is geared to help each student discover their hidden ability to deliver lines and or sing. So many of our students have the desire to be a part of our local theaters and don’t have a place to develop their skills. Many of them are just too afraid to even try!
So this class will teach each student how to carry him or herself on stage and in an audition.


Contemporary Dance is a combination of jazz, lyrical, modern and ballet. These classes will allow the dancer to spend quality time to focus on the emotional connection to a performance piece. When that connection is made it changes a dancer and the dance completely. Technique will also be taught during these classes.

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Tammy O’Shields ~ Proud Parent for 15 Years

“Dale Serrano studios has taught my child much more than dance. They have taught her life lessons. They care about every aspect of their student’s lives.”

Trudy Dennis ~ Proud Parent for 8 Years

“In the past eight years I have watched my child blossom from a shy little girl that would hide her face, to a shining star that can light up the stage. Every year I am amazed at how quickly her skill level has grown as a dancer. One of my greatest treasures as a mom is to see the confidence my daughter now carries – not only as a dancer, but as a person. Dale never hesitates to give his kids a chance to use their skills. Sometimes he might push them — but never beyond what he knows they can do – and he always, ALWAYS takes the time to let them know he loves them and is proud of their hard work. The Dale Serrano Studio family and staff is a precious part of our lives and we look forward to many more years of learning and growing.”

Kim Henson ~ Dale Serrano Alumni Dancer and Proud Parent

“Dale Serrano has high expectations from his dancers just as his Dad did when I took dance. It’s wonderful to see that Dale Jr. has carried that tradition as well as the caring, loving and family atmosphere that I so loved growing up dancing. Dale and his teachers actually teach the proper name with each dance move as opposed to just showing the dancers how to do the move. Dale actually plays a game of saying a dance move and the girls demonstrating it. Recitals are always high class at the BJCC. The dancers feel like movie stars dressing in the lighted mirrored dressing rooms and being called from the intercom backstage. Dale Serrano gives your dancer something to work for as she can be promoted up to different dance teams based on their achievement and progress. Most of all, Dale Serrano is a Christian. His love for Jesus shines through in his words and actions to his dancers and parents involved.”

Sarah O’Shields ~ Student for 15 Years

“I cannot imagine ever taking dance anywhere other than Dale Serrano. Going to dance class is the best part of my day.”

Yolanda Long ~ Proud Parent for 8 Years

“Rebecca began dancing with Dale Serrano at the age of 4. I had never taken dance or knew anything about it. Before Rebecca, I had twin girls that died at birth. Two years later when Rebecca arrived, I spoiled her rotten. When she was 4, I knew that I had to help her separate from mom. So I decided to put her in dance class to help her prepare for school the next year. We chose Dale because his studio had classes at Rebecca’s school. Wow, did a transformation take place. She has been dancing with Dale for 11 years now. Because of dance, Rebecca has become an outstanding young lady. She isn’t afraid of a new challenge and loves to learn new things. She works hard at her academics, her dance, and her life in general. She has an incredible attitude and love for life. And I attribute these characteristics to what she has learned from Dale and dance. We love you Dale, thank you for everything you’ve done for us.”

Locations & Contact Information

Where You Can Find Us

We have 9 locations around the Birmingham area.

Main Dance Studio/Office


774 Shades Mountain Plz
Hoover AL 35226


Satellite Dance Studio Locations

Alford Team Studio
1218 Alford Ave.
Hoover Al. 35226
Hartselle Civic Center
406 Nance Ford Rd SW
Hartselle, AL 35640
Bluff Park Studio( Main Office)
774 Shades Mtn. Plaza
Hoover, Al 35226
South Highlands Day School
2035 Highlands Ave
Birmingham, Al 35205
Friends Childcare
788 US-31
Warrior, Al. 35180
Sylacauga Dance Studio
503 N. Broadway Ave
Sylacauga, Al. 35150

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